The Sports Guy!

John Beltran - he's been broadcasting sports in Morgan County for more than 10 years.  He's the voice of the Brush Beetdiggers and host of 1010 KSIR Preps & More.  Reach him at [email protected]
The Ag Department!
Lorrie Boyer handles all of the ag progamming for Northeast Colorado Broadcasting!  Lorrie has a passion for agriculture and works hard to cover issues and events that are important to the Ag industry. Contact her at [email protected]
The Sales Department

Theresa Leake is the Sales Manager - she knows how to help a business prosper!  Theresa and her staff are often the creative talent behind the ads you hear and the promotions we air.  You can reach Theresa at [email protected]

Other voices you hear on KSIR!

Charlie Ruhl, resident of Wiggins, Colorado, is full of interesting weather facts and trivia.  Hear him each weekday morning around 7:35 am.
Trent Loos hails from Nebraska but you never know from what part of the country he will be reporting from.  You can hear short reports each morning and at noon from Trent and longer commentary and stories at 4:00pm and in the 5:00pm hour each weekday.  Find him at