We broadcast all Beetdigger sports that we cover on the air over the internet.  When licensing requirements allow, we also stream our daily broadcasts live on the internet.  Click on your preferred player to listen in!
KSIR Live on the Internet!
If you are having trouble, take a look at the following:
Make sure you have the most recent version of your player installed.
If we aren't streaming at the moment, you will get an error message.
Looking for the Beetdigger webcast?  You've found it!
Click on one of the players on the left.
The webstream is generally a minute or so behind the broadcast.  When you first start the stream, it might be a minute or two before you get the audio you are expecting.
Additional Streams
If the above streams on are not available, click on one of the alternative streams below.
Give us a call at 970-867-7271, we may be able to help you get your stream going!
B106 Stream
Stream #3
KSIR Stream