Northeast Colorado Broadcasting, LLC
Employment Group - KSIR-AM, KPRB-FM, KRJN-FM
Equal Employment Opportunity Public File Report
December 1, 2016 November 30, 2017
Job Title:  No new hires were made in this period.
In an effort to comply with the FCC requirement that radio stations widely disseminate information about job
openings and engage in activities that inform citizens of broadcasting jobs and the skills it takes to hold these
jobs, we do the following:
-Broadcast live at County Fairs (July/August 2017) where we have extensive contact with the public and talk
about job opportunities when we have openings and, more often, when members of the public seek us out to
learn about broadcasting.  This also provides the public with the opportunity to observe some of the skills
necessary to be in the broadcasting industry.
- When requested our staff speaks to various civic, religious and school groups about broadcasting opportunities
- Farm Director works with FFA programs (monthly) and various ag-related groups and professional
organizations (as requested)
- GM/owner and Program Director participate in Career Days at the Middle School and High Schools.
(April 2017)
- GM and Sales Manager participated in Career Fair (April 2017 - Sterling)
- Job shadow and career day activities bring students into our station; we have opportunities for local
elementary through high school students in our station as well as interns from the Colorado Media School.
- Colorado Ag Days extensive contact with many people from our community who often express an interest in
broadcasting jobs, especially as it related to agriculture.  One job shadow student was hosted in December 2016.
- Colorado Farm Show we continually are looking for people who can contribute to our coverage of
agriculture.  This particular event reaches the entire state of Colorado, especially the western edge of our
listening area.  We actively recruit those who might contribute a different set of ideas or come from a different
background for our agriculture programming.
-Northeast Colorado Broadcasting has established a program for high school and junior college students who
are interested in a career in broadcasting.  These students are often hired as part time employees, while others
participate for school credit. (6 high school/college-age students were included.)
- All employees are encouraged to participate in training that will enhance their individual skills. The sales staff
frequently receives training from an outside source; the news, sports and farm staff as well as the traffic staff
have opportunities to attend conferences and webinars and all have have access to relevant magazines and
professional associations to enhance their skills. Further, each staff member is cross-trained within the
organization which gives them additional marketable skills.
- These programs also includes training on equal employment opportunity issues.
- Partner with the local workforce center and other local organizations in job fairs and job awareness activities.
-We utilize the local employment service to help advertise job openings; participate in the local
organization that is dedicated to bridging the gap between the Hispanic, immigrant and White populations; use
one of the best tools a small town and small station has word of mouth to reach potential job candidates; and
participate in a variety of community events that reach different segments of the community, i.e., festivals,
religious fund raisers, awards banquets, etc. that keep us visible. Because we generally have very few vacancies
and live in an area with a comparatively low number of unemployed persons, continued visibility is key to
reaching our community.
- We use Facebook, Twitter and all social media that we use to disseminate job openings.  As our social media
friends “like” and disseminate the job opening on their social media feeds our reach is extended into
populations that we may not have direct access to.
Recruitment Sources:
Fort Morgan Times
Brush News Tribune
Sterling Journal Advocate
329 Main  Fort Morgan
Workforce Center  Fort Morgan/Sterling
Tony Anderson  411 Main St., Suite 200 Fort Morgan 970-867-9401
Morgan Community College
Dan Marler  920 Barlow Road Fort Morgan 1-800-622-0216
Northeastern Junior College 100 College Ave. Sterling, CO 80751 970-521-6608
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